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31 bLog posts

So hi!
I’m starting to utilize this blog – | Indubitably Inane – as my club house where anything I think up must get jot down. I need the chaos to balance out the structure and serenity that sobriety and a healthy mindset have brought to my main site | clean.dopefiend. Separate space keeps me from feeling cluttered as well. Plus, I have my story I want to tell and it is all swirling mockingly around my head and refusing to translate into writing. I’m hoping once I get this first “chapter” going I won’t run in to this again but that is also where comes in. I’m setting myself the goal of writing one blog post for each day in August and along the way I’m hoping a portion of my story will shake loose and I’ll get past this overthinking block I’ve got up.
So that I have some extra help keeping myself to a blog post a day I’m going to have a theme or commonality for all 31 blog posts. Because it is the eighth month and my daughter is turning 8 this month as well each post will incorporate the number 8 and I’ll try not to get too lazy and just start making lists of 8 this or 8 that!! Haha.
This was a painful post to write but I wanted to get it written down so I do it!!