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Write through it. | 3

8 minute thought-write [type thoughts verbatim no deleting or correcting grammar. edit for visual style only]

If I let my mind wander what will I find? A rainbow? A duck. Happenings. Bittersweet undoings of epic proportions. When I think too much it leaves me rough and tumbling about without.. Cause for concern no I will earn and think of a way around. I like free thought write to get out tonight a way to stop overthinking. Never doubt myself but that is absurd. I wish. I wallow and forget to swallow or swish? I don’t know how about dish. The dirt it seems to be the way people entertain themselves. Other’s misfortune gets you popular for calling out the family on blast for being. No rules of decency yet new rules of standards of what is abusive language piss me off. Contradict probably. Hypocrisy no not on that at least. Haha. I will admit I’ve oft been a hypocrite but I will not defend my distances… |Made it 5 min 32 sec

Procrastination has left me very little time to fulfill a full thought-write of 8minutes and successfully post a blog post for day 3 of my 31 day goal. I’m ridiculous. Writing is suppose to be therapy and I’m forcing causing making it a struggle by over thinking, no that isn’t the issue I’m putting it off while I thinking about it and even deciding what to write about then giving myself not enough time to do so. I have an issue actually following through and completing goals and I am determined to make this one. There isn’t any real reason and I could even change it if I wanted to be a cheat and I’d justify it away before but now with my quest for honesty and brutal no bullshitness in my life I am crumbling I don’t mean being honest is doing that the word just popped in my head mid thought. I actually am exploring so much of myself in getting real and honest since I started this blog. I habe so much growth potential as a writer, a person a mom in doing so. That is something I’ve realized that my honesty with myself as to my goodness as a mother have never been a question in my head but I know writing my story they will be a question in others’ and that bothers me or gives me pause. Not to not share but I keep overthinking how to explain it so that I’m seen as I want people to see me and that is not the point. I don’t care what other people think of me because I know what is real and true and a big part of that is that even though I have used drugs throughout my life and as a parent I have been a great mom to my kids. While the past three years have kept us apart I didn’t make that happen and I didn’t change from before people got in my business and swore me to be such an amazing mother to when they knew that I dabbled in destruction a bit that meant I was unfit. My abilities and actions as a mom didn’t change. |8 min 42 sec

Hey look ma I made it!

So there it is and that is what I needed – to get honest. It’s a jumble and not fully explained by any means but I unpuzzled part of my overthinking-block. I like it. I have been trying to piece together how I can explain this part and that piece so that you have all of the information that I have had and see my perspective and then of course agree with me. But that isn’t why I want to write or what I want to write, that’s insecurities and fear and self doubt. I didn’t expect that I was fully past all of that, part of it is just being human and will always be part of writing and especially in sharing this part of my life. Until then I’ll be seeing you here on a bit more often but still check in with while I unblock my story.

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eight 8-word quotes to live by | 2

“I walk slowly, but I never walk backward.”
Abraham Lincoln

“Half a truth is often a great lie.”
Benjamin Franklin

“A person’s
a person
no matter
how small.”
Dr. Suess

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.”

“Our life is what our thoughts make it.”
Marcus Aurelius

“Work is a necessary evil to be avoided.”
Mark Twain

“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.”
Stephen Hawking

a witty fool
than a
foolish wit.”
William Shakespeare

My takeaways:
Letting go of the past gave me life.
You can’t rearrange the truth and be honest.
Children need us to show them they matter.
Live life with your soul on your sleeve.
Our thinking shapes what our actions create, life.
You only need so much, take it easy.
Only through exploring the unknown can you grow.
Be your silliest self and know your shit.
-lackadaisical whimsy

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…to infinity and beyond! | 1

Goal: daily blog posts for all of August incorporating the number 8 within the topic of each post. my youngest daughter turns 8 this month and it is the 8th month so I’m rolling with it.

my errantmuse’s prompt: If you had the number 8 (or the infinity symbol) tattooed somewhere, where would you get it and why? was too perfect to pass up.

The e in Love needs some love, eh?

As soon as I decided on 8 being the theme for my posts I started brainstorming ideas incorporating the infinity symbol. That is also why I am using the number 8 rather than spelling out the word as I usually would so that I show the correlation visually with it’s sideways counterpart. Infinity and unconditional are two very meaningful and powerful words that express how intense and unbreakable the bond between Hope, Riley and me is. When I sign off of letters and phone calls I tell them I love them to the moon and back times infinity, its been our thing since Riley was a toddler and they know that means never ending and limitless and unconditional so they can count on it always being. It has made all the difference in going through so much separation and turmoil these past few years, Hope really hangs on it as her safety net in the negative and unloving living situation she’s having to endure. I make sure to show my girls as much love and affection as I can whenever I can so it can keep them comforted until we are together again.

I got my tattoo for all the wrong reasons but for those reasons and its meaning to me as a reminder to never stop experiencing life with an open heart and positive mind I cherish it. When I first got the tattoo it was the infinity symbol unshaded with my now ex-husband’s name inked across what is now filled in. I wanted to show him that I was devoted to only him for life in an irreversible forever kind of way. I know, everyone said not to but I was determined that this would make our relationship stronger and more trusting. Yeah it didn’t. I would still have his name there but for the guy I dated after we separated being loudly offended at having to see it regularly leading my dad to feel sorry for me and not wanting that to be an issue in every future relationship took me in for a cover up. Unintentionally I booked the same artist who had been one of the husband-name naysayers and he got a real kick out of it.

Live Laugh Love was really popular and overused but it was my mantra and I felt I made it my own adding Learn because that aspect makes the others possible.

I was right in my belief that Riley’s dad and my love was infinite – we share our love for Riley and are tied together for life with that. Plus we still have a bond and love and respect for one another that amazes me through everything, we’re family.

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31 bLog posts

So hi!
I’m starting to utilize this blog – | Indubitably Inane – as my club house where anything I think up must get jot down. I need the chaos to balance out the structure and serenity that sobriety and a healthy mindset have brought to my main site | clean.dopefiend. Separate space keeps me from feeling cluttered as well. Plus, I have my story I want to tell and it is all swirling mockingly around my head and refusing to translate into writing. I’m hoping once I get this first “chapter” going I won’t run in to this again but that is also where comes in. I’m setting myself the goal of writing one blog post for each day in August and along the way I’m hoping a portion of my story will shake loose and I’ll get past this overthinking block I’ve got up.
So that I have some extra help keeping myself to a blog post a day I’m going to have a theme or commonality for all 31 blog posts. Because it is the eighth month and my daughter is turning 8 this month as well each post will incorporate the number 8 and I’ll try not to get too lazy and just start making lists of 8 this or 8 that!! Haha.
This was a painful post to write but I wanted to get it written down so I do it!!